In Vinnytsia International Business Forum 2015 SUBF

Exporters and manufacturers of Vinnitsa region are able to participate in the International Business Forum SUBF 2015, to be held 20-23 April 2015 in. Kosice (Slovakia). Forum is the first Ukrainian platform for domestic exporters to the EU territory, allowing you to collect a large number of foreign investorsand industry customers without restrictions. SUBF 2015 - is a Slovak-Ukrainian (organized by the 2 countries) international business forum to be held with other EU countries. The planned event following format: - Plenary part - the performance of governments guests participants; - Negotiations in the B2B (forum participants Reyestruyutsya advance and may appoint a negotiating relevant to their registered members, and themselves become the object of inquiry negotiations); - Exposure of participating companies; - Thematic conferences and presentations. April 21-23, held a business conference in sections (energy, construction, IT, technology, tourism), roundand bilateral negotiation partners; Business Forum will be held as part of the "Days of Culture of Ukraine 2015". To be released Forum Directory. Reference: Kosice self-governing region is a border region, which borders on the Transcarpathian region. In 2013, Ko?ice and Marseille were selected European Capital of Culture. Kosice is 100 km from Uzhgorod (1.50 h. Road). Logistics communication: train to Uzhgorod, from Uzhgorod road or by train to the city. Kosice. More information about the conditions of participation in the event posted on the official website of the organizer of "Kratos: This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration