Rescuers teach residents Carpathian fire safety regulations at

Carpathian region has significantly increased the number of fires compared to the same period last year – 615 cases against 480, which make up 30 percent, but instead by a similar magnitude decreased the number of deaths in fires – 14 to 20. Howeverin communications ’ connection with significant increase in the number of fires in the region Carpathian rescuers stepped informational Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work among the population, along with local governments and NGOs are actively Rose ’ yasnyuyut inhabitants of the land of the rules of safe behavior at home and in the rest ofasterihayut neglect of these basic but vital rules. Rescuers carry rounds homestead in rural areas, particularly noting the apartments disadvantaged citizens, pensioners and large families, warn against burning dry grass and hedges on ecosystems, emphasizing the subject claimravyl safe behavior when detecting explosive devices. For better visibility and credibility of people handing out leaflets warning character. Do not skip the attention of its management DSNS in urban areas and residents – they communicate with people on the streets, stresses that cause most nozhezh it is the human factor, careless and indifferent attitude of people to their own safety. Indeed, sometimes lacking a little spark to the great fire destroyed over the years acquired property, and even took the most valuable thing a man is – life. In turn, residents Carpathian claim that to their own safety and the safety of family and friends, especially small dIteuil, are responsible. These activities will be conducted in the future, because direct live communication with people in uniform is one of the most effective ways to prevent fires and accidents on them. Management DSNS in