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In the Zhytomyr region overnight fire firefighters twice eliminated outbuildings

March 16, paragraph called ’ communication 8th State Fire and Rescue part of. Korosten received two reports of fire outbuildings. The first call was recorded from the village Krasnopil at 12:20. To rescue « 101 » byphoned the village head, who back out of the city, seen from the road thick smoke. Nadzvychaynyky who came to the scene from ’ yasuvaly which burns small shlakoblochna building. Experts suggest that flame ’ I spread on the premises of the infield. It burned and dead wood by wind, fire and reached the building. Throughoperational actions fighters at 12:37 DSNS already managed to localize the fire, and at 13:50 – completely eliminated. The fire destroyed two hectares of dry vegetation roof and economic structures. But firefighters prevented overturning flame ’ I have a house located at few meters from a burning building. On the same day, directly Placesand incineration could have resulted in the destruction of buildings. At 15:30 a summer resident of the district center announced that lit up his outbuildings. Man dead wood and burned while walking on water to extinguish the flame ’ I, it has already spread to an adjacent utility room. At 15:24 the fire was nadzvychaynykamy lokalizovanomalies and 16:55 – completely eliminated. Fire managed to destroy a ceiling damage and some household items. As in the previous case Korostensky nadzvychaynyky prevent the destruction of housing, it being almost close to a burning building. Because fires killed and injured have been identified. The amount of damages and saved materialnyh values ??are set. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region