In the Zhytomyr region Lyubar police tracked down the kidnapper agricultural implements

police officers found that disc harrows and other equipment from the yard area resident kidnapped her odnoselets. By Lubarsky District Police asked 40-year-old resident of the village. Great Derevychiv a statement about her kidnapping metal frame farmthe Commercial equipment and disk harrows. According to the applicant, tools disappeared a few weeks ago. Law enforcement officials determined that the criminal offense committed 22 years odnoselets women. Moon confessed to the crime. In case of theft is being investigated. Dear citizens! Built militia often fix metal theft of various spektru. Thieves do not stop anything tsuplyachy utensils, wire broadcasting lines, electricity and telephone cables, agricultural implements, to then pass these things paragraphs scrap metal. Police regularly conduct special events aimed at opening these thefts and identify existing underground points of the cityetalobruhtu. Keep in mind that both acts - misappropriation of another's property and violation of the order of scrap metal are recognized as criminal offense in respect of which provided pursuant to applicable Criminal Code of Ukraine. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region