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In Zhytomyr police searching scams and

in Korostyshiv Volynskyy, two men got into similar trouble, lend money to their friends that they have not returned. Now police are searching for cheaters. March 16 to Korostyshiv police department asked 63-year-old resident of the district center with a statement of deception. Mansaid that a few weeks ago lent his 25-year-old friend of more than 800 USD, which he promised to return soon. However, it's been much longer, and the man did not get the loan back. And the borrower find yourself failed. So pensioner appealed to police. By Novograd Volyn Gorotdel MIA turned 20 yearsand zhytomyryanyn with a similar message. As indicated by the applicant in the late summer of 2014 he borrowed money his 20-year-old friend, a resident of the district center. Whole guy gave the borrower 10 thousand and nearly 3 thousand euros. So far, he returned to duty was not. Now the police set all circumstances and searching both unfair borroweders. Police urges citizens to be more careful and prudent in financial matters. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region