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Khmelnytsky police detained a young man who severely beat his friend found out

As a consequence, during the day between the two men were fighting. After the first victim decided to earn and demanded in the offender 1.5 thousand paying off instead received such blows that barely survived. 24-year-old suspect called thehis older friend and invited him to an impromptu party. He said that would be alcohol and girls. He immediately agreed, and their cohabitants reported that received the offer to earn unloading monuments. Taking a bottle of 30-year-old victim went to a friend. They drank a lot, and then began to quarrel, and then the fists oflevy. The owner says that because girls. But this time everything worked out and recovered from a fight, guest went home. Asked concubine man said he was beaten in the street known moons. But do not worry - it feels fine. At this time the victim came to earn a little plan: he phoned a friend and said,that will not only inform about beating if he will pay him 1.5 thousand. After the call, he immediately assembled, picked up another bottle and went to the same apartment. Again started drinking, and all the money quickly forgotten. The next fight was much more serious - guest downward fell unconscious. Hoping it for a while mocome, the owner went to sleep peacefully. But woke up and saw that he had not regained consciousness, so called "fast". Doctors diagnosed a subdural hematoma in the victim and brain swelling. Currently, he is in the intensive care unit of Khmelnitsky regional hospital and has not come to mind. Another doctor told patients with injuries to Khmelnitsky city department. Investigative team that went to the scene, arrested the owner of the apartment. 24-year-old young man, who had previously served a sentence for robbery, is a temporary holding facility. He has announced the suspicion of having committed a crime under ch. 1, Art. 121 "Premeditated rdzhke injury "of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which sanction the punishment of imprisonment for a term of 5 to 8 years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region