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In the Transcarpathian region thanks to the investigator for the professionalism and humanity

Village head of Irshavschyny and family of the deceased soldier in TUs are grateful for the professional investigators Transcarpathian investigation of criminal proceedings against the death of a soldier. In the address field of the Chief Internal Affairs Sergei Sharanycha received thanks from head s.Loza that IrshavschyNo, I.Petenka and relatives of the deceased soldier in ATO George Sokolachka. As part of the preliminary investigation, after some investigation and forensic examinations were identified in the body of the deceased soldier from ATO s.Loza Yu.Sokolachka and transferred to his family for burial. Special thanks to the authors of the letter expressed R.Helzhynskomu investigator of the investigation departmentI AMIA, who conducted the preliminary investigation, conscientious, professional and responsible attitude to their duties. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region