In the Transcarpathian region Mukachevo police told the young criminal and administrative responsibility for prophylactic

policemen meetings with students grades 7-9 were warned minors from reckless behavior and delinquency. In the House there was a student of Mukachevo preventive law enforcement meeting with students 7-9grade schools. Senior agent Criminal Police Department for Children, Alexander Korchnyavyy teenagers read lectures on criminal and administrative responsibility for minor crimes and parental responsibility for failure of parental responsibilities. The police officer in detail in adolescents withconcept of crime and the responsibility for having done so. Juveniles also explained the negative effects of alcohol, drugs and smoking at a young age. In addition, the police noticed students on their behavior in school attendance and to prevent gaps lessons without good reason. - These preventionconversations we try to cover as many schools in the city and region to maximize the younger generation to prepare for entry into adult life and provide them with rights and responsibilities, - the chief of the criminal police for children Mukachevo MB Internal Affairs Vasyl Soskida. Eugene Krasylynets Mukachevo CF MIA