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In the Rivne region for stealing from the church - three and a half years in jail

The court sentenced the 30-year-old Roman for stealing money from donation boxes from one of the churches Radyvyliv region. Last fall, a man breaking door, got into St. Vvedensky temple and stole boxes of donations from 170 USD. This zlovmysnyk not stopped and tried to steal another church in the village Radivilov and parents. A few days later police arrested a man in Dubno, when he tried to rob another house. During the investigation police established the involvement of Roman and other crimes. - Investigators said Roman suspected by part 3 of article 185 of the CriminalCode of Ukraine (theft), - the chief Vitaly Radyvyliv RV Keda. - A man admitted guilt and fully facilitated pre-trial investigation. In February Radivilovsky District Court found Roman guilty and ordered sentence of three and a half years imprisonment, which in the Roman conduct criminal - Executing Agency Closeth type. Oksana Shuliak Radivilovsky District Police