Zhytomyr region: rescuers eliminated within two fires

Per night firefighters in DSNS made two trips to the elimination of fires in private homes. Yes, 15 March at 20:06 on the item called ’ connection 19 th State Fire and Rescue District of Chudnovsky received information about a fire in a wooden bath. OccupationI happened village lots, local residents noticed that and called firefighters. To eliminate the fire was immediately sent another guard 34th fire-professional post Ivanopil village. Upon arrival firefighters to place a call, it was found that the fire reached the roof. Through skillful actions at 20:28 nadzvychaynykiv fire managedlocate, and at 20:42 – completely eliminated. As a result of events destroyed the roof and damaged walls. Overall rescuers prevented the complete destruction of the house. Next event occurred the same day in the village. Novograd Gala – Volyn region. At 22:40 to 101 emergency services received information about a fire in a wooden householdbuilding. After lehkozaymystist building to save her failed. However, due to operational personnel actions DSNS saved supporting structures that were nearby. All the circumstances of the events currently installed specialists. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region