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Transcarpathia: attention, lavynonebezpeka!

16-18 March at vysokohir "m Transcarpathian region is expected to increase in temperature during the day due to solar heating. 16-18 March at vysokohir "m Transcarpathian region stored avalanche. With this in mind, the Office DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region appeals to tourists and loversextreme sports during severe weather conditions or in the announcement lavynonebezpeky refrain from hiking in the mountains. We insist on mandatory registration of all who will rise to the Carpathians. When you subscribe mountain search and rescue items available most expeditious information about weather conditions in someareas, danger of avalanches, to determine the best route, depending on the degree of convergence of participants. Dear fans of extreme sports before you go to the mountains in difficult weather conditions should consider whether to jeopardize their health or even life in search of thrills. In the Transcarpathian Ukraine DSNSarea