Chernigov: By collected during national charitable funds bought shares Baby ophthalmic equipment

Check the child's vision is now faster and more convenient. After Chernihiv Oblast Children's Hospital received a new ophthalmic equipment - automatic projector signs ACP-700 Unicos. Buy this device could participate due to caringin Ukrainian charitable action "Heart to Heart - 2014". March 13 at the press club "Business word" summed up regional charity event "Heart to Heart" held Last year. The goal of all of these events, help children with visual impairments. As the director of the Department of Family, Youth and Sports Regional State Administration Oksanaand Serduk in action was attended by over 200 volunteers. They managed to collect 27,500 USD. These funds purchased and baby ophthalmic equipment. According to the chief freelance specialist Health Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology RSA Larissa helmet, this equipment will likely find glasses, strabismus diagnose tand violation of refraction. In addition, the device not only facilitate the work of doctors, but also make the survey more interesting for kids. Despite the difficult situation in the country, the campaign this year is also planned. It will attract more young people. Indeed, as the representatives of Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Heart to Heart" in Irina Simonova, it molod and students actively promoting charity. X Jubilee event will start in April and will be held under the slogan "Save the life of a child." The collected funds will be used to purchase equipment for resuscitation emergency care to children. According to the Department of Information and Communication oblderzhadministratsiyi