16 mln. USD. land payments received budget Chernihiv

Since 2015 Chernihiv taxpayers paid more than 16 million. USD. the land tax. Land tax rates and exemptions to it in the city. Chernihiv set Chernihiv City Council decision of 30 January 2015 (47 convening session 6). Tax accentnote that in accordance with the provisions of the Tax Code of Ukraine, the rent set in the lease, but the annual payment can not be less than 3 percent of normative evaluation. The land - a compulsory payment as part of the property tax that is levied in the form of land tax and rent for the landstate and municipal property. Land owners and users pay a fee for the land from the date of ownership or rights to use the land. The land is included in the city budget, and therefore - fills the coffers community of Chernigov. According to DPI in. Chernihiv

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