In Ternopil father, rescuing children from the wheels by car, killed himself

The accident, which resulted in a bend 39-year-old man occurred in Ternopil on the road in the village by the river Terebovlia area. When leaving the scene investigative team learned that the driver of the Mercedes, a resident of District 1 Podgaetskiy980 was born on the road of local importance in the village by the river made a hit a 39-year-old pedestrian. According to preliminary data, the driver foreign cars, being drunk, tried to overtake on the right side of the car, moving ahead. While the ascent was a man with two children. Seeing dangerous and even banned traffic rulesmaneuver cars, people managed to alienate the children, but he fell under the wheels by car and injured incompatible with life. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region