Zhytomyr: Help children find!

March 15 left home and never came back 17-year-old Marina and 12-year-old Elena Kharchenko. Law enforcement officials looking for girls and asked citizens to help them set location. Both disappeared, Maryna Kharchenko, born 03/13/1998, and Kharchenko Elena, born 28.07.2002, residing difof parents in the city. Zhytomyr and enrolled in secondary school 28. March 15, 2015 around 9.30 girls left home and so far not returned. The police appeals to citizens to help them establish their location. Signs Marina Kharchenko: looking 14-15 years, height 168 cm, average constitution, hair pysyave to his shoulders. Was wearing: a short brown jacket fabric, dark blue jeans, brown boots. Signs Elena Kharchenko: looking 12-13 years, height 164 cm, average constitution, blond hair to his shoulders. Was wearing: a black leatherette jacket with hood, leggings, black shoes with white laces. Dear citizens! If you Wallodiyete any information on the location of girls inform the police call: (0412) 40-74-75, 37-23-21, at spetsliniyu "102" or contact Zhytomyr Gorotdel MIA at st. L. 17. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region