Religious organizations and national societies Vinnichiny provide full support to the military, IDPs and civilians Donbass (+ photos)

Today the region are officially in 2102 religious organizations representing 38 denominations, trends and currents. Formed and there are 16 religious governance structures that haverelevant units in all districts. This was during a weekly meeting with the head of the Head of the Department of Nationalities and Religions RSA Igor Saletskyy. "The sphere of religious and ethnic relations in modern conditions is one of the most difficult in terms of impact on the socio-political processes in the country. Onlikonfesiynist and multinational is characteristic of our region. In these circumstances, we build a model of relations that would meet public policy takes into account the recommendations and standards of PACE on the religious and national tolerance in a democratic society, the implementation of which provides Ukraine as a member of the Council of Europe. And inlanguages ??signing association with the European Union, this task is of particular importance "- said Igor Saletskyy. In the region, to meet the spiritual needs of national and laity used 1800 temples, churches, synagogues, houses of worship and centers. Almost 1,500 Ukrainian priests and pastors and 200 foreign priestsand missionaries in 15 countries around the world watch over the spiritual believers. In addition, Vinnichchine representing 106 nationalities, which 90000th community citizens. They combined 77 national and cultural societies that became centers of national languages, cultures and historical traditions. According to Igor Saletskoho important step in the profiledgovernance was the restoration of the Council of Churches and Religious Organizations and of national and cultural societies field. "Meeting these regional councils became a place of interfaith and interethnic dialogue, which made it possible in many cases defuse conflicts and problems of religious and national character, and Popperedyty conflict. Understanding between the leaders, in turn, is projected on religious and national communities, ensuring tolerant relationships between believers and clergy of various denominations region and peace and tranquility in the national cultural environment "- said Igor Saletskyy. Moreover, in a complex time for Ukraine religious option and national societies Vinnichiny not excluded trying to provide comprehensive assistance and immigrants and people who now remain in the conflict zone and our military who took up arms to defend the borders of our country. In particular, the Council of Churches and Religious Organizations and the Council of National Cultural Societies User definedacheno deem to assist in support of Ukrainian army, border troops Mogilev-Podolsky region Vinnytsia region, 9th Battalion Territorial Defence Vinnytsia, subsection "Jaguar" in m.Kalynivka. Representatives of both Councils coordinated work to provide financial and humanitarian assistance to displaced citizenswith ARC and Eastern regions, and people who now live in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. "Now by religious organizations and ethno-cultural communities created database of available opportunities of religious organizations and lay field to accept the temporary residence of citizens who have migrated from the Crimea and areas of ATO. Local communities of different faiths taken into custody almost all temporarily displaced persons from 01.01.2015 year came to Vinnichiny and live in rural areas. Together with the national societies Vinnichiny etnokontserty organized under the slogan "Ukraine only!" For wounded soldiers in hospitals and Vinnytsia Gaysinskyth military point for military Vinnitsa 9th Battalion "- said Igor Saletskyy. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration