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In Ternopil held workshops, aimed at tempering emotional and mental stability of future rescue

overall goal of professional training of the State Service of Ukraine of Emergencies is to develop professional-important qualities to create conditions for the preservation of mental and physical health and increase long professionalolittya. It is important to rescue a special medical and psychological training. Medical – aimed at forming ability domedychnu provide assistance to people who lives as a result of an emergency, danger. The practical orientation knowledge of psychological training is to develop workers in professional and importantmental qualities. Special attention is paid to the formation of high psychological resistance of workers to various stressful situations that arise in the performance of their official Duty ’ bonds. When using a cell rescue in an emergency are often negative factors of great psycho-emotional stress: they often Dovodytsya and meet with human suffering and evacuate the dead bodies, and more – therefore, no special training, performance stressors may accordingly affect not only on the performance of tasks but also on the psychological well-being of workers in general. March 13 psychologists DSNS Office in Ukraine Ternopilskiy region in cooperation with teachers training centers of educational and methodical center of civil protection and life safety Ternopil region held at the forensic mortuary practical training for future lifeguards – students learning points. In forensic medical morgue before them they tested body man uo died under mysterious circumstances. Doctor-expert demonstrated signs of biological death and conducted a study of individual organs and body parts. Such workshops for people who master the difficult profession of fire-rescue – extremely important. After all, they have a future professionals the opportunity to rescue the maximum approximationzytys to real situations in the future may occur during the execution of their duties and harden their emotional and mental stability.