In Khmelnytsky fire hazard using uncertified building materials

According to statistical studies, about 80% of people in the fire dies not from burns or trauma, and of carbon monoxide intoxication and suffocation. Uncontrolled combustion process is accompanied by environmental hazardous and harmful to bodyism rights toxic substances. The main sources of toxic combustion products – This synthetic materials in modern industrial, household and office environments. Thus, during the combustion of polyurethane and nylon formed hydrogen cyanide (prussic acid), linoleum – hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, vinyl plastic – chlorinestyy hydrogen and carbon monoxide etc. It should be noted that carbon monoxide – This poisonous gas, and inhalation of air in which the content is 0,4% – deadly. During the design and construction of a growing number of refurbishment projects, introducing new flammable materials and structures used imported equipment and novand technology. Therefore, managers and specialists of construction and design organizations should be aware of the problem of fire safety of construction, condition and prospects of development of fire regulation and standardization. Modern building materials market is literally « overwhelmed » and non-certifiedfire products. To date, developed a significant number of special fluids and tissues impregnated wood, heat resistant paint and plaster. Typically, such measures do not prevent ignition in a fire, but increase the resistance to fire protected material. However, failure to comply with fire safety in construction and RECONstruktsiyi, inefficient use of building materials for fire and vybuhonebezpekoyu entail tragic consequences. The main problem is the lack of knowledge of the properties and characteristics of building materials. To determine the properties of building products people can turn to the Experimental testing laboratory Golotion management DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region. Therefore, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine calls follow fire safety, use only certified building materials according to their properties. PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast