In Khmelnytsky traffic police detained the head of the district administration for the management of intoxicated

officials currently acting head of Krasyliv District State Administration, the State patrol stopped about half of the second night in the city. Khmelnitsky for traffic violations . When communicating with the driver laborers felt strong smell of alcohol, so the proposed 49-year-old to pass the appropriate test. However, as the head of the Department of Traffic Police Anatoliy Sirenko, from the tests for intoxication at the scene or in a medical facility, the man refused, in the presence of two witnesses. Traffic police officers made regarding two administrative driverProtocol to the fare at prohibitive red light and driving while intoxicated. A civil servant should be an example to others, while few cases where these people can afford to break the law, in the hope of impunity. At the traffic police hope that this case will serve as a good lesson for others and nakedIt helps those in power, the law - one for all. Press Service of the Department Road traffic police Ukraine