In the Lviv region approved the list of roads to repair 2015

Standing Committee on Industry, Housing, Transport and Communications of the Lviv regional council March 12, 2015 after many hours of discussion yet approved the submitted Lviv Regional State Administration and state road for local roads. Highway of the cityistsevoho value repaired by UAH 139 million allocated in 2015 from the regional budget. Standing Committee Chairman Michael Zadorozhnyy noted that work on the repair of roads is planned to start in May. The discussion was attended by Svoboda - committee members. MP Svoboda stressed the key shortcomings in the allocation of funds intendedx to repair local roads. &Quot; In particular, the entire amount (139 million USD.) Is intended for maintenance, which means that after 1-1.5 years repaired the road again be destroyed & quot ;, - said deputy Vladimir svobodivets Chehut. Also significant drawback, he said, there is a disproportionate distribution of funds between the variousregions. &Quot; Roads - this artery is life, without them we can not have anything, not investment, not the economy. Despite this, the repair will be in 2015 only 1-3 road in areas of minor areas - 1 -10 km. This approach does not solve the problem on the state road improvement Lviv, which destroyed more than ten years & quot ;, -said the deputy of the Lviv regional council svobodivets Stephen Hanas. In particular, most of the funds to repair roads in 2015 allocate areas: Pustomitivskim (11.65 million USD), Nicholas (11.413 million USD), Mostyska (9.742 million USD.), Sambir (9.677 million USD.), Sokal (9.438 million UAH .). Then, at least - Peremyshlyany (2.522 million USD)Starosambirskyi (2,74mln USD) Zhydachivsky (3.456 million USD.), Brody (4.22 million USD.). Svoboda stressed that the public needs to know how much to allocate to repair: Brody district - 4.22 million USD; Busk district - 5.184 million USD; Gorodotskiy district - 8.125 million USD; Drohobych district - 7.235 million USD; Zhidachev district -3.456 million USD; Zholkovskiy district - 7.763 million USD; Zolochevskiy district - 4.722 million USD; Kamenka-Bug district - 4.888 million USD; Mykolaiv region - UAH 11.413 million; Mostyska district - 9.742 million USD; Peremyshlyany district - 2.522 million USD; Pustomytovskiy district - 11.65 million USD; Radekhiv district - 5.727 million USD; Samborskii district - 9.677 million USD; Sokaland district - 9.438 million USD; Stary district - 2.740 million; Stryjskyj district - 7.396 million USD; Skole district - 5.029 million USD; Turka district - 9.009 million USD; Yavorovskiy district -9.08 million USD. &Quot; We are turning to local communities and activists to take personal control efficiency funds intended that no torque "did not go to the left " and work was performed on the conscience & quot ;, - said Vladimir Chehut. Also Svoboda from Lviv appealed to MPs to when changes are made to the state budget and allocation of funds intended for road repairs at the national level as lobby for the interests of Lviv to raise funds for capitalth road repairs. This was reported in the press service of the Lviv regional organization VO " Freedom "