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The Khmelnytsky oblast police have detained a man who beat to death 89-year-old aunt grandmother took

calm drunken nephew, but instead received several blows to the head, from whom lost consciousness and died three days later. Murderer lived with 74-year-old mother and her older sister in a village Dunaivtsi area. ForeheadAge did not work and often abused alcohol. About to assist the elderly, there was no question. Late evening March 8 attacker returned home completely drunk. Mother is, of course, did not like, and she made remarks son. In response, he began to swear and, ultimately, poor banished from the house, so pensioner had to spend the nightand the neighbors. Aunt and myself began to calm rowdy, but fierce and alcohol prior quarrel man attacked a pensioner with his fists several times and hit her on the head and then quietly went to sleep. The next morning, the man saw that my aunt is unconscious, and notified the mother. The woman immediately caused a "fast" andpolice. The victim was taken to the intensive care unit Dunayivtsi Central Hospital, where she died from his injuries three days later. Police took the suspect into custody. He announced on suspicion of committing a crime under Part. 2, Art. 121 "Premeditated grievous bodily harm that resulted in death of the victim" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Which sanction the punishment of imprisonment for a term of 7 to 10 years. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region