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organism athlete t TIME trenyrovok podverhaetsya sylneyshey load, that toho obmenne Processes uskoryayutsya, Therefore all the vitamins and minerals reserve Very soon ystoschaetsya. In order Avto vosstanovytsya and More themes in order Avto dostych good results in disputes athleteneobhodym osobe sportyvne vytamyn , where more info about them You Naidoo here. So just fyzycheskyy recreation and Basic nutrition for the athlete has not enough, need it introduces a number of biologically aktyvnh additives for pysche. But voznykaet question, Kaki vytamyn nuzhn athlete? Case in volume, something all Processes in the body of an athlete passNAMS bstree and order Avto dobytsya goal. For example, in order Avto narastyt mshechnuyu Mass, emu neobhodimo in raz bolshe vitamins, than to man, kotory prospered Traditional lifestyle. Any sportsman As beginner, so professyonalu mercy and know that Or How yne vytamyn vlyyayut on the body, How pochuvstvovat lacking in Nam. And Most chaptersing - Somehow product can vospolnyt lack of Or ynoho element. Vitamin B12 - uchastvuet in the process of protein metabolism and synthesis of amino acids, Moreover, aktyvyzyruet on metabolic Processes in the body. As an athlete chuvstvuet Only yzbtochnuyu fatigue, can u This is svydetelstvovat of volume, something not hvataet ymenno toho element.Vitamin B12 - on nazvaetsya ryboflavyn else. Data element uchastvuet in protein metabolism substances, Therefore especially for an athlete on weighted. Vitamin Soderzhytsya this at the Bolshoi Quantity in liver, yaytsah, buckwheat and ovsyanke. Vitamin H - obespechyvaet muscles and energy uchastvuet in obmennh protsessah amino acids. If Massa PE naraschyvaetsya slowly, Yetto Can svydetelstvovat lack of ymenno toho component. Sportsmen often lack vospolnyayut ego poedanyem srh yayts. Vitamin B3 - vrabatvaetsya in the body of man himself, Therefore Contents of ego in blood bespokoytsya not necessary. Vitamin D - uchastvuet in the process usvoenyya phosphorus and calcium, Very Therefore nuzhen for the health of bones, musclesand brain. Vrabatvaetsya on in the body itself pod Impact solnechnh rays, kotorh not so many in fed Therefore lack of ego upon vospolnyat In other way. Solarium podhodyt As an alternative letnemu sun. And of the study proved, something Sportsmen, kotore live there, where climate Warm, prymerno on Seven percent lehche dobyvayutsya good results.Select your Wikipedia on uhlevodny metabolism in the body, kotory napryamuyu Quantity svjazana with this vitamin How B1. But grow belkovoy fabric directly proportsyonalen Quantity in blood elementa B6. Leader in Values ??for all the same organism ostaetsja Vitamin C, after something from him zavysyt usvoenye protein synthesis and novyh proteins. In this mainly know, something yzbtochny pryem toho Can cause Vitamin k is something perestanet organism itself productionodit ego. That same Most happening in the body at standard receiving steroydov - polove hormon just perestayut proyzvodytsya sootvetstvuyuschymy iron. Today athletes dovolno easily podderzhyvat thy organism in the form Thanks to so something predlahayut producer of PERomny Choice raznoobraznh vytamynnh complexes for sports raznh species and age athletes.