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In Zhytomyr police arrested thieves telephone cables

Two residents Korosten exposed in the commission of 7 facts dismantling overhead lines telephone cables in the area. Law enforcement officers arrested the thieves while trying to steal another. Since the beginning of the year to Korostensky Gorotdel police began to be reported whereinstallation of overhead lines and theft of telephone cables in several streets of the district center. When viewing the scene police would confiscate trace information and evidence. Analysis of the collected allowed to assume that the wrongful acts committed by the same persons. In mid-March, the police department at the station Korosten detained Dr.Voh previous convictions locals, 41 th and 32's, when I try to unmount them air lines. They removed the special equipment and accessories for theft. The detainees admitted their involvement before several similar cases reported before. According men learned afterward they burned wiredonated items to scrap metal in the Kiev region. As the head of the police Korostensky Gorotdel Games Zhmida, men officially announced on suspicion of dismantling overhead lines and theft of telephone cables in the area. Ongoing preliminary inquiry under Part 2 185 (Theft committed repeatedly or by Draftvalue was conspiracy) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Such unlawful acts punishable by up to six months arrest or restraint or imprisonment for up to 5 years. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine Zhytomyr region