In the Zhytomyr region in Volynskyy, police detained the metal polyuvalnykiv

Two residents of the district police caught in the act of committing an offense when they tried to make a goal and an aluminum cable with an unfinished house yard. Suspicious men who walk in the yard of his unfinished, police reported 52 diffecal resident of the village. Ivashkivky. The police who arrived on the scene, they found two men there who is trying to make the court of another's property. Attackers were two residents of nearby villages aged 44 and 25 years. At present, the investigation of criminal proceedings under Part. 2, Art. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Theft committedand by prior conspiracy, punishable by imprisonment for a term of 3 to 6 months or imprisonment for up to 5 years, or imprisonment for the same term. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region