In Chernihiv region during fire fighting rescue workers found the body of a man

March 12 at 17:26 in the village Talalaivka to the Rescue "101" received a report of a fire at a summer kitchen with private yard ’ eat on the street. Kotovskogo. 4 minutes arrived at the scene compartment 21 th State Fire and Rescue parts which at 17:35 localized at 17:45 and finally eliminated the fire. The fire damaged home and stuff on the floor area of ??4 square meters In densely smoky room summer kitchen rescuers found the body of 52-year-old son mistress. The most likely cause of the fire was the negligence of the deceased was smoking in bed. Therefore, rescuers DSNS turning to communityYang asking follow basic rules of safe behavior. In no case do not smoke in bed, especially drunk. Do not try fate, save their lives and property from fire. UDSNS in Chernihiv region