Zhytomyr, rescuers had for children public campaign "Prevent. Save. Help "

In order to study the younger generation the basics of life safety, proper actions in terms of danger, March 12, in the territory Vysokivskoyi school district Chernyakhivskiy rescuers spent for school social action « Prevent. Vryatuvatm. Help & raquo ;. Before the event attracted representatives of the government, the media and the employees of the institution. Rescuers holiday started with a demonstration video on how to negligence adults and children pranks lead to fires. The bright and unforgettable impressions received from children shows, which connizuvaly lifeguards for children, whose aim was to increase the knowledge of students on the rules of safe behavior at home and in the street. Of particular interest was the competition « Know! Do not allow! Helps! & Raquo ;. In the form of brain-ring on the rate of children answered questions about outdoor recreation and water, while revealing vybuhonebezpechnyh items and fires in the home. During the second phase, which took place in the local Fire Department, students gladly tried over combat clothing acquainted with firefighters and fire-rescue techniques and modern equipment rescuers. This meeting with firefighters memorable kids. Most Active Membersing received rescue gifts and souvenirs. Such events certainly left its mark in the minds of every child. This again suggests the importance and purpose of which is held units DSNS Ukraine. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region