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In the Lviv region rescuers reminded students of secondary school 21

fire safety specialists called love ’ bonds of Media and Public Relations of the Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region took part in a school fire line on the subject in school number 21 m. Lviv. Students prepared for a great movie linesabout fire safety and the use of fire. Members of the student government school told her classmates that a fire, what they are and how to avoid them. Rescuers also gave examples from real life, when the fire became a cause of death and considerable material losses. After all, only the beginning of the year in Lviv has zareyesttogether for 825 fires, which killed 24 people, injured another 18, including 1 child. Therefore, the question of personal and fire safety are extremely important, both in school and at home. Children talked about the main causes of fires in the home and the consequences that they may cause. Separately, experts DSNS appealed to teachers so that they reminded dityalocation of fire extinguishers in school and found ways to escape from the school. Students are reminded of the rules of behavior in fire and calling Rescue. This emphasized the obligatory ’ compulsory information that must be reported to rescuers in case of hazardous events. Finally rescuers stressed to studentsadministrative and criminal liability for false emergency call. Teens have pledged to adhere to safety rules and no joke, calling firefighters to dial 101.