Guardians of Lviv continue to expose criminals who get illegal gains

war that continues in eastern Ukraine, has claimed thousands of lives and maimed tens of thousands of destinies, and of course, caused a negative impact on the economic situation in the country. Fuel to the fire continued to pour corrupt, bribe keep plundererstion and public property that heated a featherbed at different levels of government, law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Instead of repenting their sins in this difficult time and to join efforts in the fight against the enemy, helping in all possible ways the military and volunteers, they continue to look for loopholes in the legislation. Catchmysnyky fill their pockets, vmyvayuchy hands in the blood of the fallen heroes of Heaven and hundreds of soldiers killed in the war, and spetspryznachentsiv guards who gave their lives for Ukraine. We will stop your attention only on some extortionist who last year and this year has exposed the employees of the State Service to combat economic crime in Lvivby Colonel Police Ruslan Halaza. These facts clearly indicate that bribery will not yield its positions in many institutions and structures whose employees can positively settle those or other issues and influence decision-making. Last year, one of the high-profile arrest was deputy chairman of one of the districtayderzhadministratsiy of the city, which investigators conducted under procedural guidance Lviv regional prosecutor's office. The officials of district administration demanded the head of a limited liability undue advantage to $ 20 thousand in a "kickback" for contracts for repairs and signedacts of completed works. Civil servants received funds near building district administration. It took them and operatives. In sight "deesbezivtsiv" and a few people got utilities. Back in August last year, law enforcement officers appealed TV journalist "Zico", which reported that she was aware of extortionundue advantage of state officials. In response to the request media representatives, operatives of the State Service for Fighting Economic Crime exposed the 45-year-old employee of a public utility in the transfer of the bribe of 500 USD. This small taxi is required because no Ficksuvatyme found unauthorized construction and not prytyahuvatyme culprit to liability under the law. In January 2015, employees of the investigation department of the Lviv City Police Department was admitted criminal proceedings on the fact of obtaining undue advantage to the court. Interestingly, this smart zdyrnytsyu already prytyahuyut accountable again. In 2011, she was exposed when receiving 1.8 thousand US dollars bribe to facilitate the granting of permits for installation of construction sites. By the time she headed the utility. By this decision the court she was sentenced to five years in prison on probation for one year. Currently relapseisttsi-habarnytsi threatened penalty of a fine of one thousand five hundred to a thousand times the income (from 17 to 25.5 thous.) arrest for a term of three to six months, or imprisonment for a term of two to four years. Neperelyvky and 60 years of public utilities, which has received illegal benefits in the amount of8000 UAH 200 for assistance in renting commercial property which is on the balance of this LCP, establishing the composition of the finished product. Upon his corrupt activities already initiated criminal proceedings. Currently, police set extortion and other facts obtained from the official undue advantage for cpryyannya with similar issues. Do not shun anything and employees of law enforcement and regulatory agencies that have access to the public trough at the border. In particular, the Chief Inspector of Lviv Customs and customs broker demanded a bribe of $ 500 for understatement of the customs value of special construction techniques and furtheris to promote it in customs clearance. Officials received a bribe of 300 "green". However, use of money and no time. This prevented them employees of the State Service to combat economic crime. According to officials threatened unlawful enrichment rather severe punishment: deprivation of liberty for a term of five to ten rocks. A soldier frontier offered his assistance to the private entrepreneur in the smooth movement of goods through the checkpoint. For this he demanded $ 400. However, the clever owner-turned for help to the employees of the State Service to combat economic crime. Guardians together with employees eyelashescommand and prosecution of Western Ukraine grabbed the Dodgers as soon as he took, so to speak, on the leg. Could not avoid responsibility and Deputy Head of State Environmental Inspection of Lviv. Operatives found that the officer demanded that the business entity 3000 hryvnia for assistance in the preparationnecessary documents and issue a special permit for subsoil use (water). Following the presentation of documents on the transfer of funds to the account specified extortionists, he was arrested. Enriched in street vending intended Acting Chief District Department of Municipal wife of the city. Employees of the StateService to combat economic crime and prosecution Galician region found that 33-year-old was part Municipal 2800 UAH not to be attracted to the latter under the laws of justice. During the last transfer fee - thousands of national currency seized his "on-hot". Finally sentenced Dr.tion odious officials Vynnykivske City Council, which two years ago was exposed staff management GSBEP Research Affairs of Ukraine in Lviv region. The deputies, one of whom held the post of Secretary Board in February 2012, demanded and received from individual illegal fee of 8 thousand 800 dollars for passing to thesession the permission to develop land management project land and further facilitate the adoption by the positive solution. Verdict Lucakivskovo district court of the city one of the extortionists sentenced to six and a half years in prison. His accomplice vidbuvatyme behind bars for at least one year.Themis deprived of both inmates assigned rank official of local self-government and the right to hold certain positions for three years. Whether this case will serve as a lesson for other officials who hand as will be heated for a bribe? Hard to say. In fact, similar cases, unfortunately, is rare. Yuri Skobalo, Lviv