Chernihiv: Mayor declared his readiness to employ workers junction railway hospital

Chernihiv Mayor Oleksandr Sokolov announced its readiness to employ workers junction railway station in the city medical institutions. He said this during a meeting of the regular session of the City Council, when asked about the hearthlshu fate hospital. Also, the mayor said that the leadership of the region, he voiced proposals to place at the regional hospital premises shkirvendyspanser of improving conditions in question for years. In addition, the military part of Feodosia that peredyslokuvalasya to Chernigov, the statute must have a medical unit, so that option too WMSis to be realized. "In Chernihiv having enough effective network of hospitals, another hospital is not appropriate. While the team of doctors and other health professionals, we are ready to employ" - the O.Sokolov. He added that hospitals in Chernihiv is a need for doctors, and each application will be considered individually. While the decision to podalshu fate junction railway hospital accepted. Meanwhile, the city budget expenditures in the health care sector provides 240 million. UAH., Of which the subvention from the state budget is 197 million. UAH. And in the regional budget - 457 mln. USD., Of which the subvention from the state budget - 456 mln. USD. On January 1, 2015 financing of railway hospitalstransferred to the local government level (which may be regional, municipal or regional level). Previously, these hospitals were funded from the state budget and received additional financing from "UZ" and insurance companies as railroad workers and their families all insured. Irina Synelnyk