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Chernigov: Competition "The future of the country - in dreams baby"

State Tax Inspection in. Chernihiv city tells students that lasts the first stage of Ukraine child tvorchostipid auspices of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine "The future of the country - in the dreams of the child." The contest is child's areas of creative activity of Taxesing and customs matters, works of art; computer graphics (computer animation); literary works. Dear Students Chernihiv! We invite you to take part in the contest and express their vision and understanding of the role, importance and local taxes, fees, payments in public life and society. Works properly made, you can not give piznishe31 March 2015 to DPI in. Chernihiv at st. Kyrponosa, d. 28. Telephone: 652 854. According to the communications sector in STI. Chernihiv