In Rivne homeless or live in Hasevycha 21 public hearing will decide on

Wednesday night outside the Nile Hasevycha the general meeting of its inhabitants, which was also invited and mayor of Rivne Volodymyr Khomko. Recall, people were outraged that they live in the neighborhood homeless people who are currently at the shelter on aCaucasian Street. In particular, the city government planned to auction throw-storey building at number 21, so that it could buy benefactor Sano Ghukasian. Man of the official property acquisition could relocate homeless people there, which currently serves. However, after learning about a neighborhood, residents of homes were immediatelyyou. It should be noted that previously homeless shelter has had problems with its neighbors. Residents outside the Caucasus have repeatedly appealed to the City Hall to and evicted them from the basement 15, since they make their presence considerable discomfort. - Due to the fact that residents Street Hasevycha categorical in his denial inmake ready their refuge is on the street, we agreed to hold additional public hearings to examine the opinions equations. Including and all the people who live just outside the Nile Hasevycha. Date of the hearing will be agreed with the residents - said the mayor. This was reported in the Rivne City Council