In the Rivne region in. Kostopil suspended gambling establishment

Prosecutor Rivne region in the implementation of procedural management in the criminal proceedings initiated for the crime under Part. 1 st.203-2 Criminal Code of Ukraine (occupation gambling), together with employees OCD AMIA Ukraine in Rivne region12/03/2015 suspended gambling establishment in. Kostopil. During the search for its location removed play equipment, namely? specialized gaming table, chips and funds received as a result of illegal activities in the amount of 17 thousand UAH. At the time of detection and suppression of gambling institution, which in violation of the Law of Ukraine "Pron the prohibition of gambling business in Ukraine "has served the game of poker with the possibility of remuneration, it were 10 people. Currently investigative actions conducted to determine the organizers of gambling. Pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings conduct investigative SU MIA of Ukraine in the field. Press Service PROKuratury area