Ternopil police exposed the illegal appropriation of one hundred and twenty thousand budget appropriation and misappropriation of

people's property, preparation and issuance of false official documents - in violation of these two criminal investigators suspect items Ternopil production cooperative officials and private entrepreneurs.As the deputy head of the fight against organized crime Sergey Pushkar during search operations ubozivtsi found evidence of embezzlement of budget funds were allocated under the program "State support of hop laying young orchards, vineyards and supervision." Policemen Setanovyly that between production cooperatives, renting in the village Myshkovychi Ternopil region 63 acres of land, and entrepreneur concluded contracts for works on planting and caring for young orchards. For a long time cooperators properly submitted to the State Administration of Agricultural Development dock availablementatsiyu, acts of acceptance and application for compensation costs. I received compensation from the state treasury - a hundred and twenty thousand. It seems to be going smoothly. However, the pitfalls encountered in this case UBOZ operatives. It was found entrepreneur, according to information of the pension fund held only two employees. Logysubstantially raises the question whether the two care in 63 acres of land, moreover, that no tools and equipment needed to care for fruit plantations in pryvatnytsi not. But what if properly issued documents on which and the means of the budget? False. According to Sergey Pushkar criminal proceedings initiated for partstion of Article 366 of the Criminal Code first - forgery and the second paragraph of Article 191 of the Criminal Code - embezzlement, misappropriation or taking another's property through abuse of office. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region