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In Ternopil university graduates police received diplomas of higher education base

solemn meeting on the occasion of the bachelor Ternopil department Educational and Research Institute of Correspondence Education and Distance Learning National Academy of Internal Affairs organized a regional police custody. Diplomas of basic higher education Offryamkom "law" of this year's 39 graduates of the university police. As the chief of John Mark, Educational and Research Institute has eleven years produces highly educated, professional lawyers. Many of them will join the ranks soon the newly formed police units. Yesterday to congratulate the students came temporarilyActing Head of the Regional Department of the Interior region, Alexander mantis, deputy head Oleg Liakhovich and Head of the Human Resource Basil Kraynyk. After reading an official welcome from the rector of the National Academy of Internal Affairs Vladimir Chernyeya, honorable right to issue diplomas received a temporaryt Acting Head of the Regional Department of the Interior region, Alexander mantis. Head of the Department wished success and professional achievements of graduates. Joined the congratulations and other leaders of the regional police. They wished the graduates not to stop and adequately apply the acquired theoretical knowledge for the benefit keepsyou. SHZ Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region