In Ternopil told how to protect the bike from thieves - tips

law enforcement Almost every day in Ternopil stolen bicycles. Why is this? Because to steal dvokolisnyk thief will not need any special skills nor as expensive special equipment. In most cases, conventional cutter, nimble hands and quick feet.So is it possible to keep the rover from alien attacks? You can not be 100% sure that the bike is not stolen, but this probability can be minimized if properly assess the danger and take appropriate measures, noticed the police. To begin to refute some popular myths among velovlasnykiv. Myth 1. Cycling safelystore in the basement or on the stairs These "safe" place of great steal more often. The hallway - not your personal area, good neighbors can not shut the door, and bad - give yourself or thieves steal a bike. Reliable basements also did not happen - any lock can be broken. After all, what prevents a thief who passed,with the bike when you came to the door, wait until someone open the front door and steal dvokolisnyk? Myth 2. Old, cheap bicycle unwanted Unfortunately, this is also a misconception. Old and cheap bikes on hand not long remain a quick source of income. Typically, thieves transport immediately sells for the price of a few rapharynx less real. Therefore, buying a bike for too low a price, think: Do not stolen it! Myth 3. Dear branded bike hard sell Dear bikes stolen are not amateurs and professionals. Dvokolisnyky they dismantled and sold as components or repaint the frame, and learn in an altered their already difficult rover. Is thatyou "notice" bike only you know the sign, then more likely to recognize him on the street. Myth 4. crowded place no one dares to steal bike Let's be honest - indifferent passers-by to our property, and thieves act quickly and boldly, so that ordinary citizens do not have time to understand what is happening. Seeing someone porayetsyaclippers left unattended at large, not be indifferent. Zdiynyavshy hype and attracted the attention of passers-by, you can save someone's property from infringement, because the thief flee rather than starting to find out the relationship with you. Maybe someday someone will steal and your property. Myth 5. Dear velozamok - protection This is probably the most alsyudzhenyy myth. Through it most cyclists and remain their iron horses. At the stores you can find different types of locks - Rope, segment, chain, horseshoe-shaped, and so on. But still no lock that can not neutralize - if not break or snack, then unlock the master key or a crowbar or bolts cutters. Most of youcases only lock lets win some time for someone who will pay attention to the villain. So, how to protect bike? Here are some tips to law enforcement: First of all, unsubscribe from idea to keep dvokolisnyk on the stairs, in the hallway, a drying room or basement to park underground or in any other place with respect tofree access strangers. Of course, the best option is storing the bike - it is flat. However, not everyone has enough space for it. Come to the aid attachment to the bike. Their lot - hanging, horizontal, vertical. These simple tools to help reduce spent on storage space. Keep the bike in the garage can Iequipped with alarm cues, especially if it is cooperative security. A good alternative - folding bikes. This transport can take with you to the supermarket or at work, but at home it is easy to fit under the couch. The safest is horseshoe-shaped locks or chain type. Better use of multiple different types of locks - tohandle them need more time, as it is likely that a thief will not tempt fate and will search for a new victim. Leaving the bike, take away all lehkozyomni accessories, such as speedometer, lights, bags and velonasosiv. No one tell the real cost of the bike. This information might fall into the wrong ear.Store documents on the bike at all times of operation. They will verify your eligibility dvokolisnykom possession. Take a picture of the bike, myself along with him, the serial number of the frame. Detailed photographs in case of theft help identify your transport. Ride with your friends! Then you will not have to worry atparked the bike - it always prypylnuvaty friend. Finally, remember that only your care will keep the bike from alien attacks. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region