In RSA continues to work on the construction and analysis of land use in Ternopil

Working Group, which studies the appeal of public assets Ternopil on issues in construction and land resources of the city, March 13, held the acting head of the Ternopil regional administrationsuu John Krysak. Recall representatives of NGOs and civil society activists Ternopil addressed to the President of Ukraine Poroshenko on a number of issues in construction and land resources. In particular, the appeal comes to corruption scheme introduced by avoiding the Land Code of Ukraine stipulated mandatorysale of communal land ownership or rights to them only on land sales, a decrease in Ternopil area of ??green areas and parks, as well as mass housing downtown in violation of the standard indicators maximum building density of individual sites and urban communities. During the past withasidan Ternopil city council representatives expressed their readiness to provide all necessary documents on the raised issues. Therefore, the Working Group sent a municipality advice information. In response to a request received a response to explain on what basis should provide this information. "We will explain their claimovnovazhennya as representatives of state administration, as well as residents of access to relevant information, - said John Krysak. - Working Group will continue its work and prepare a letter of explicit references to legal proceedings. " Acting Head of State Administration emphasized that if the delay to provide more information in the cityiskoyi Council consideration of the matter be transferred to the General Prosecutor's Office. "We will submit a request to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on the issues raised in the appeal and send a letter to President of Ukraine, which will inform about the delay to resolve the situation by the City Council. We use all possible means the part of the government, civil society atrhanizatsiy and residents to analyze the issues. " Then, on Monday March 16 representatives of the working group of lawyers together to define and re-send a letter to the city council. The next meeting will be held after the answer. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration