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In "Prison on Lontskoho" - Taras project Polatajko 'War. 11 Portraits "

In Lviv Thursday, March 19 at 16.00, at the National Memorial Museum" Prison on Lontskoho "with famous Ukrainian artist Taras Polatajko the presentation of its project" War. 11 portraits. " Expressive conciseness large format monochrome portraits on expositions exhibitions « war. 11 Portraits » impressive strongest. In this project the face, eyes and voices of people whose souls burned by war, called for openness boundary dialogue with the audience that anhazhuyutsya to talk about awareness of the value of life, sacrifice and defenders of Ukraine to the rank of charity. Project Taras Polatajko « war. 11 portraits » appeared after the artist's communication with patients the surgical department of the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kiev, having started in August last year at the National Art Museum of Ukraine as part of the « do not leave their Lions & raquo ;. So these photographs accompanied by recordings traveling exhibition halls of the world claimrohramoyu charity fundraising to treat the wounded in the area ATO. The exhibition has already demonstrated in Toronto, New York, Ottawa, Calgary, Odessa, Kiev, Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk. &Laquo; In the hospital I met the men who were there from the front of the injuries. Talk with them was not easy. These are people of all ages and from allover Ukraine – volunteers mobilized contractors. Everyone has their own experience of peaceful life, but now common – War. Even in the worst moments, they helped hold the belief that they are defending their homeland & raquo ;, – says the author of Taras Polatajko. Reference Taras Polatajko – Ukrainian artist, born in Ukraineand since 1989 has lived and worked in Canada and New York. In the 1990 self-portrait of the artist in a series of « You » Bill Gates bought for personal study. 2002 represented Ukraine at the Biennale in Sao Paulo (Brazil). Among other fora where Polatajko represented Ukraine and Canada – Biennale Korea (South Korea, 2009), Tel Avivska Biennale (2011) and Alberta Biennial in Edmonton (Canada, 2013). Recently exhibited works in particular on Bazel Art Fair (Switzerland), Priska Juschka Fine Art (New York), the Montreal Museum of Modern Art, Carnegie Anthony Tapiyesa (Barcelona), The Power Plant (Toronto), Center for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle (Warsaw ), the Center for Contemporary Misttion J. Soros (Kyiv), Art Arsenal (Kyiv), the International Film and Video fistyvali « Images » (Toronto), Artspeak (Vancouver) and Barbara Edwards Contemporary (Toronto). Artists are Priska Juschka Fine Art (New York), Barbara Edwards Contemporary (Toronto) and Douglas Udell Gallery (Edmonton). Performensnu exposure T. Polatayka « Sleeping Beauty » Kyiv National Art Museum of Ukraine looked online about 3.5 million people from around the world. Told