In the Transcarpathian region Irshava police found "joker" who "mined" the school

12-year-old student from s.Bilky called 102 and reported a "bomb" in schools. Caused the young "joker" losses now kompensovuvatymut his parents ... Yesterday classes in two schools Irshavskoye, 1 and 2, were completed earliere than usual. The reason was the call of bomb schools. After lunch to Irshavsk police department on telephone 102 received information about bomb schools. Children's vote in the tube said: "The school bomb" ... As the "voice" did not specify which school says police evacuated students both Irshavskoyeschools. Then their premises surveyed specialists Explosives. Fortunately, explosives or devices not found. Law enforcers quickly figured callers. It turns out that 12-year-old student from s.Bilky drew to break cell phone from his classmate, gave it to his friend, and he scored 102 and said "bomb school" ... Diznavshys that dialed from protein, police evacuated and even there the students of the school where he learns " joker & quot ;. Explosives are not found there. According to the head Irshavsk police department Lieutenant Colonel Myron Chernychka by this fact takes the test. It has set, for any reason guy decided on a haphazard act.It will also address the issue of teen parents bringing to justice. After his stupid "joke" useless guy gave a lot of law enforcement and rescue services ... Vita Horzov Irshavsky District Police