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Volyn: prosecutor met with community activists

March 13, at the initiative of the Volyn Oblast Prosecutor Dmitry Chepizhaka he met with representatives of NGOs Volyn. Those wishing to communicate with the newly appointed prosecutor in the courtroom regional prosecutor's office gathered a lot. Addressing the audienceand Dmitry Chepizhak noted that initiated this meeting to discuss ways of community interaction and cooperation with existing regional issues, including on improving law enforcement. The meeting discussed, in particular, personnel policies and reforms in the prosecution, the measures taken by prosecutors for bringing to complianceidalnosti persons involved in crimes against participants in peaceful protests during the Revolution of Dignity, illegal activities of local government, law enforcement and regulatory authorities, corruption. Communicating with community activists, Dmitry Chepizhak answered the questions, listened to their suggestions and suggestions on wayssolve these problems in the field and noted that such meetings will be held in the future. Prosecutor thanked all the participants for their active social position and assured that soon dubbed the facts of violations will be tested and, if appropriate, to eliminate measures would be taken prosecutorial response. AdditionallyO: public and human rights organizations whose representatives to participate in these meetings prosecutor must provide a list of contact persons, calling for next week during working hours to the prosecutor Volyn at (0332) 77-60-40. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region