Lutsk master small racket sports school 2 leaders Ukraine Championship Club

in the town of Kovel municipal institution "KDYUSSH named Eugene Kondratovycha" held the second round of the Club Championship of Ukraine in table tennis among boys and girls born in 2003 and younger (children's league). In the competition involved 18 teams of boys and girls 7 teams from Kyiv, HarCova, Odessa, Ascension, fork, Chernivtsi, Kalush, Lviv and Lutsk. Our city, thanks to the support table Tennis Federation chairman and director of Volyn BB Coach Valery Panchuk number 2 in this year's championship club successfully represent the four men's teams. According to the regulations Championships held in three rounds. After the first round of the competition withportsmeniv small racket leaders were the first team boys Lutsk Coach number 2 as part Smolin and Romance Valentine Yunchyka team and girls' Voznik "(Odessa - city. Ascension). As a result of meetings winning teams in the second round of the girls team won the "Sports School 1 (m. Kyiv). The second was the team "Voznik" (c. Odessa-m.Voznesensk) and thirdthe team "Coach 1 (m. Lviv). Among boys first in the round, a team of "Gourmet" (m. Kyiv). Second place in the first team Coach Lutsk number 2, and the third - the team "Slavia" (m. Kyiv-m.Slavuta). So, before the third round in the boys two teams scored the same number of points - the first team "sports school 2" (m. Lutsk) and "Gourmet" (m. Kyiv). Therefore, the fate gold districtahorod in this year's club championship will be decided in the eye is a match between these two teams. The girls after the second round of the same situation. Two teams "Voznik" (m. Odesa-m.Voznesensk) and "Coach 1 (m. Kyiv) compete with each other championship Ukraine. Congratulations Luck tennis players and their coaches with a good performance in the second round and wish them victory in withaklyuchnomu round of Ukraine. This was reported in Lutsk City Council