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Luck: "Empire of young talents" in Coach growing number 2

in Kyiv and held V-Open Championship Coach Deryugin "Empire of young talents" of artistic gymnastics. In the event was attended by 55 teams from all over Ukraine, just over 500 participants. Six athletes artistic gymnastics department of municipal institution "Coach of the City 2 radi "had the opportunity to represent our city in these competitions for young graces in our nation's capital. Excellent completing their programs silver medalist competitions in their age categories were: Julia Peters (2008 born) and Bogdan Krotik (born in 2003). They were rewarded with gifts and cash prizes from the organizers of the competition. Other Membersthose of our team and Sofia Sydorchuk Sofia Romanets Olga Olga Kovalchuk and sheep were awarded prizes for "the will to win." Congratulations to the young Graces and coaches gymnastics artistic department of municipal institution "Coach 2 of the City Council" Valentine Habidulin and Oksana Zalishchuk with good performance and wish continued successand victories. This was reported in Lutsk City Council