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Representatives of the OSCE in Chernivtsi visited

VDSO March 12 Special Representatives of the OSCE in Ukraine Robin Santiago Koponen and Harry met with the work of the Department of State Security Service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Chernivtsi region. The meeting discussed the events raging for over a year in eastern Ukraine, theirimpact on the crime situation in the service VDSO, namely objects that are protected services. Representatives Mission primarily interested in the structure of the Department, the main tasks and methods of work of police officers involved in the protection of public order and procedure of workers when leaving a message and alarm triggeredAlarm with guarded objects. - Bucovina is pretty quiet in the land of criminogenic sense. Sometimes there are cases of theft and vandalism, but they usually do not get widespread and are characterized by small, falling under the administrative law, - the chief guests at the Ministry of Internal Affairs Sergei VDSO Chebotal. Recently, the number of positives and alarming alarm with guarded objects is constant, with reports of criminal offenses decreased. Also taken several measures to strengthen the protection of public order, especially in crowded places and near strategic assets. Positively representatives of internationalfirst of police cooperation rated Department of Territorial Management Department. All participants in the dialogue agreed that such interaction is quite successful. Finally meeting Robin Santiago Koponen and Harry noticed that not the last visit to the SSS and pledged to work to restore peace and order in Ukraine. VDSOMinistry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine in Chernivtsi region