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Ivano-Frankivsk students visited visiting lifeguard rescue

Job is one of the most needed and naymuzhnishyh and rescuers using all means of mass-devel ’ yasnyuvalnoyi and information activities to educate residents Carpathian rules of safe behavior and protect them from possible troubles and that to access thisichi them with the specifics of their service. This convinced Mr. ’ yatyklasnyky school 24 of Ivano-Frankivsk, who visited the rescuers and the meeting left a lot of impressions. The children heard a lot of new and interesting about the work of rescuers, witnessed the fire truck and realized that the brave rescuers – thisordinary people, not the fairy-tale characters, people calling help in trouble Minute chose their profession. So many children after this meeting appeared a new dream – grow and become rescuers Head of communications ’ bonds of media and public relations management DSNS in Pertsovych Christina told children about the Safety of rulesing in the case of different situations that can happen to them when the next will be adults. How to behave during a fire, in the case of explosive devices. Also, children with great interest viewed the exhibition Fire and Rescue Exhibition, as if made time travel, saw what was the fire service hundred years ago, andit is today and no doubt, this tour will long remain in their city ’ memory. Management DSNS in