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Athlete of Ternopil - silver medalist at

Ukraine Ukraine Championship on athletics cross among youth, juniors, youth and adults in Tsjurupinsk completed. In the national team Ternopil region were nine athletes. Our athletes in the team event took 8 place with 260 points, inform the Office of pitaHb physical culture and sports Ternopilskoyi RSA. As to personal results, successfully in the tournament were pupils coach Olga Stefanyshyn. In particular, a spokeswoman Oksana Regional Coach wad juniors at a distance of 6 km with the result of 23.53 won the silver medal, and her colleague Christine Pankiv team of girls at a distance of 27.48 miles from the result placed seventh. There were seventh Nazar Danko (ODYUSSH) Junior running for 8 km (30.29 outcome) and Ruslan Danko (Regional SHVSM) in adults at a distance of 4 km (13.31 outcome). Tenth place won another pet ODYUSSH John Ishchuk (coach Bogdan Duda), which is at a distance of 10 km showed the result of 35.37. Amongjunior boys and girls in the race for the first time on 1 miles nationwide level competitions were four students of Seagulls coach Igor Ternopil District Coach. Regarding the results of young athletes, Vladimir Stelmach was the tenth, Olga Slavskaya ranked 14th, Maxim Kup'yak was fifteen, and Arsen Marhevka - 18-th. This was reported in Ternopolilskiy RSA