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In Chernihiv created Recreation Park & ??quot; train "

12 bereznyapid the plenary meeting of the 49th session of Chernihiv City Council deputies almost unanimously approved the creation of the Park of Culture and Rest "Railway" in the green area between the streets of the station and Zhabinskii total estimated area2.4 hectares of reserve lands by communal property of the City Council. As previously reported, December 11 last year held a public hearing on the actual creation or restoration of parks in the said territory, which was founded in 1944. Public hearings addressed the Chernihiv City Council and the Executive Committee to support this decisioni. MPs also heard a report of the deputy mayor, chief of the financial management of the City Council Victor Bystrov on the implementation of the city budget for 2014 and made changes and additions to the city budget for 2015. Marginal changes to the Program Membership anti-terrorist operations and their families - residents. Junenihova in 2014-2015 years. Deputies have identified an additional 500 thousand. USD. to improve logistics military units stationed in the city. Chernihiv. Having considered the application offers individuals and management of land resources of the City Council Deputies unanimously granted permission to develop land management projects for allocationI land plots to citizens, family members of those killed on the streets of ATO members Voroshilov and Tankistiv for construction and maintenance of residential homes, commercial buildings and structures. Department of Public Relations of the City Council