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In Ternopil build a new trolleybus line to the street. Brody

new trolley line will connect the street. Brody and existing trolleybus network already soon from ’ appears in Ternopil. &Laquo; Drawing attention to the numerous requests Ternopil, we are considering the construction of a new trolleybus line that will connect the street. Brodievsku with other parts of the city - says Mayor Sergei Nadal. &Ndash; Currently we order construction documents, and then we will know how much money is needed to implement this project. If this year we will have enough money, then immediately begin construction lines & raquo ;. Sergey Nadal added thatCity Council plans to ensure maximum city trolleybus connections to this type of sustainable transport could use all of Ternopil. Recall that in the last three years as part of the « Ecological Transport » Ternopil updated 30% trolley park. This year it is planned to purchase no less than eight trolleyand pave the three new trolley line to connect the street. Academic Queen - Sakharov - Kupchinsky; st. Protasevich - Dovzhenko - Ukrainian Lesia; st. Berezhanskaya – Luchakivskoho - S.Budnoho - Trolley. This was reported in the Ternopil City Council