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In the Rivne region sentenced born c. Dnepropetrovsk for the brutal murder, the question of extradition his accomplice in a foreign country

Evidence collected pretrial investigation procedure manuals Rivne Oblast Prosecutor's Office, the court found sufficient to sentence 23-year-old native of the town. Dnepropetrovskfor committing heinous crimes in the Rivne region. In particular, the latter held guilty of any criminal offenses under ch. 2, Art. 115 (premeditated murder committed with extreme cruelty) and p. 3 st.289 (misappropriation of the vehicle, combined with violence) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and sentenced to deprivation Walland for a period of 14 years with confiscation of all good for ownership of property. Acts 21-year-old accomplice, qualified pre-trial investigation on the same articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Currently, the question of his extradition from the Republic of Belarus. ? Established in April 2014 men in one of the abandoned farms with. Edges Eastrozkoho area severely beat 65-year-old inhabitant of the area. Already unconscious man bound with tape and dressed pack on his head, took in the trunk of his own car in a forest near the village. In the forest attackers continued to beat the man then left bound, prykydavshy its heavy trees? Yanymy logs and branches,? Crucifixionoviv senior prosecutor of procedural guidance during pre-trial investigation by the Internal Affairs and the State Prosecution charges Rivne region, Alexander Stankevich. That morning a man went to work with their own vehicle and did not return home told police the victim's wife. Bodypolice found the last 3 months of searching. Stolen car "KIA SORENTO was found in. Napivrozibranym Nikopol of Dnepropetrovsk region in the court of one of the local residents. ? During the court sentenced tried to avoid punishment and to convince the court that would not death of the victim, dragged him no bodiesesni damage, but only helped a friend with a car theft to help with material needs. However, the court agreed with the arguments of the public prosecutor and concluded that men with planned and prepared for the crimes convicted seen and heard as a friend handed a gun and struck the victim in different parts of the body and its boundunconsciousness both moved into the forest and the trees began to reason? yanymy logs weighing about 200 kg, leaving no chance for life - said the prosecutor. Given the cruelty and insolence committed crimes prosecutor oriented court to appoint a suitable husband sentence of imprisonment provided for sanctions which he was accused of articlesand. This position was supported by the court. And also sentenced to pay the victim is 640 thousand UAH for material and moral damage. It should be noted that a court indictment is not legally effective, the participants of the proceedings have the right to appeal his order in the statutory period. As for the other participants in the offense continuespre-trial investigation in selected proceedings. In connection? Connection with that last a long time hiding from the prosecution, after extradition from the Republic of Belarus and the necessary investigations indictment against him will be taken to court. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office