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Guardians of Lviv of 27 adminprotokol to citizens who illegally burned dry grass

Police State Forest Guard help identify citizens who do not follow the rules of fire safety in forests, peatlands and agricultural lands, as well as to prevent burning grass. From the beginning, police amounted to Lvivand 27 administrative protocols to citizens under Article 77-1 (unauthorized burning or residual) CAO and was referred for consideration to the State Environmental Inspection in Lviv region. Sanction article punishable by a fine of ten to twenty times the income of citizens and officials - fromfifty to seventy times the income. Local policeman together with activists emphasize citizens of the need to comply with fire safety regulations and the inadmissibility of burning grass. Especially near forests, peatlands, and building structures. For each arson not only severely shkodi environment, but also poses a threat to life and health. Recall that in 2014 police made 36 administrative protocols for offenders under Article 77-1 CAO. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region