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Rivne: the police Mlynivschyni set attacker who stole scrap

in the village M'yatyn Mlyniv area of ??economy dubenchanky unknown Irene brought a lot of scrap metal. Law enforcement officers caught the attacker through untouched event track shoes. They found 50-year-old local resident Vladimir. He also admitted stealingand metal products from local school temporarily not functioning. Vladimir poznimav there aluminum rails and door of heating stoves. The money he received from theft spent on alcohol. - Vladimir previously convicted of theft. During the interrogation, he said that he took all the loot on his shoulders to nearby Dubna - said investigatorGalina Chepelyuk. - Ongoing preliminary inquiry under Part 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (theft). The attacker threatened punishment of imprisonment for a term of six years. Olesya Bondarets, Mlyniv District Police Ukraine Rivne region