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Vinnitsa police tracked down 22 children who disappeared this year from 23

missing juvenile law enforcement was able to find during the day and return fathers 22 children. Among them, eleven minors. Another missing 15-year Vinnichanka, was found dead in the river after two days of searching. According to Igor Powder, head forryminalnoyi police for children, young children are usually found in neighboring yards or friends. Kids can get lost in the city. In cases of child disappearances important to inform the police a detailed description of her clothes and signs. The youngest of Vinnytsia, who was found in a few hours - 4 years old, the oldest - 17. If kids are usuallylost, zahravshyh with peers, the main motivations of teenagers to leave home - with family conflicts in dysfunctional families, the desire to be independent, the search for adventure. 16-year-old boy from the district police Kalynivskyi found in Zhytomyr highway. The guy went on foot to Kyiv because of a desire to try to independent living.Two 15-year-old schoolgirl from Zhmerynka district police tracked down in the winery at the station. The girls were going to start a new life in the capital by controlling parents. At an unknown location only one child - Valentina Kushnir, who disappeared in July 2010 in the village. Why Grynenko Nemirovsky district. At the time of the disappearance of the girl was 10 years old. Henytski police do not stop searching for the girl and hope to help people. Information requested leave to police around the clock phone 59-33-22, 59-33-23 or "102" SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Vinnytsya region